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A personal chatbot that replies questions on behalf of people.
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What is an Avatar?

Avatar is a personal chatbot that replies questions on behalf of people. With an Avatar anyone can become an Artificial Intelligence Trainer since Day One - without any technical knowledge.

Who needs an Avatar?

People who carries out a busy life or constantly receive repetitive questions. Fibofy already has 8 teachers, 3 bloggers, 42 students, 2 bankers, 2 tourguides, 7 entrepreneurs, 3 photographers, 4 researchers, 1 psychiatrist, and others.

How much does Fibofy Avatars cost?

The basic access to Fibofy Avatars is free. We believe anyone should become an Artificial Intelligence Trainer in the future, and be prepared for an A.I. World without technical knowledge, social status, or language barriers. Fibofy is on a mission to connect people to technology, just as Fibo-nacci numbers connects the nature through the golden ratio, we are here to Fibo-fy the world.

Automate replies

No more replying to repetitive messages.
The Avatar automatically replies to questions - in any language.

Clone yourself

Be in two places at the same time. Your Avatar is always online, even if you're offline.

Infinite Memory

Save conversations. Always remember what people say and like.

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