Simulate a conversation with someone before actually meeting them

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Interactive Profile
Avatars are interactive profiles created by real people and reply real answers. When in doubt what to say to someone, simply find their Avatar profile to ask anonymous questions, or see a curated list of conversation starters the person might like so you can skip the awkward first 10-minutes introduction.
80% automation
In-house build algoritms are using modern regression logics, Word-2-vector mapping, entity recognition and others to make the Avatar increasingly intelligent. You can focus on things that matter. However you still need to constantly keep on training and looking after your Avatar.
Easy Training Tools
Fibofy offers out of the box interactive training tools, where you are in total control what the avatar says, and what kind of dialogue it can handle. Avatar can also handle to ask your response to questions missing and how to improve the current knowledge

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Shared knowledge interfaces
One interface to get information from multiple avatars in a natural language

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24/7 engagement
Your team members should not spend time on searching info, or worse, waiting for another person to answer their important need. Why not copy your team knowledge into a shared information for everybody be available 24/7.
Info within 1 minute
We have benchmarked team members for finding data in websites, using search, or trying to read through corporation wiki. On average it takes around 30minutes to find the correct info, or they fall to go asking from a colleaque.
Fibofy score™
Track how much help your team is getting, and importantly, how effortless compared to more "analog" methods. The team can track what info is needed and when, be anonymous in their questions, and compete who is contributing the most within for the team information share.

200+ Personal A.I. Avatars created | 1,500 Questions added