Tiago Sampaio

🇧🇷 Brazil

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Tiago is a former Bioinformatics applied immunology with accumulated 9 years of experience in the roles Solutions Architect, IT Management, Software Dev, Product Owner, Data Science, and DevOps. He founded three startups, selling its first in 2014, and investing in other four. Tiago has experience working with stakeholders in the public sector: European Commission, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Federal University of Minas Gerais, and Finnvera - by the Finnish Ministry of Economy.

In his spare time, Tiago has been contributing to research in Genomics, Immunology, Quantum computing, Distributed network protocol, and Distributed computing.[1]

In the past, I used AI to create vaccines in partnership with Universities. Now I use the same technology to solve death. We work to make immortality real. We've lived enough dealing with diseases and lifetime constraints. Longer lifespans will make us think more about the future, take more care of the present, and evolve into a next-level society.

[1]Created a Quantum File System (QFS): a file system for Quantum Computers, Fython: self-modifying programming language compiled on a Turing Machine engine, 3 Pi: Toolkit for identifying protein-protein interactions by homology, B-HidroPred: Prediction of B-cell Linear Epitopes with Parker Hydrophilic Scale, Created the world's best Reed-Solomon Error-Correction port from C++ to JS with no performance loss, Developed an autonomous P2P Cloud network protocol with self-healing, self-scaling, and secure by design, Create a program to detect cancer DNA mutations (micro-satellites).

Sandipan Chanda (Ambassador)

🇮🇳 India

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Sandipan has earned the title of Tech Master by actively contributing to research in the areas of Robotics, AI, IOT, and Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAVs)[1]. Inspired by modern entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson[2], he has taught 1,000 students from 19 countries[3] and is a certified pilot of Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAVs).

In his spare time, Sandipan focus on his hobbies, one of them being painting - wining over 100 awards[4].

I love to learn everything in the world. Always trying to solve the most complicated problems that makes the greatest impact. I live to create a revolutionary technology, I never give up on making my dreams real.

[1] Advanced Robotics, Humanoid, AI, Daily-Life Devices, Futuristic Technologies, Nano-Technology, Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAVs), Remotely Piloted Aircraft(RPA), Unmanned Aircraft System(UAS), Ornithopter, Electricity, IoT, VR, AR, PCB designing, 3D designing, Animatronics.

[2] Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, China, Spain, Czech Republic, Peru, Netherlands, South Korea, Dubai, Algeria, Chile, Yemen, Mongolia, Kuwait, Libya.

[3] Inspired by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Richard Branson, Netaji, Vivekananda, APJ Abdul Kalam, Henry Ford.

[4] Origami, STEM education, Illusionism, Science fiction, and Painting (10y experience and 100+ awards).